August 27

COD World League 2020 Update!

Call of Duty World League

As you have already heard Call of Duty league play is receiving an overhaul. Right now, it is hard to tell what the lasting effects these changes will make. I am excited about the new year and hope this transition goes smoothly. There are always bumps in the road and things to be learned in the inception year. If anything, it will be fun to watch as the Owners, GMs, and Players all work it out!

As of right now, not much is known about the structure of the 2020 season. Below you will see what we know so far.

  • Teams will be city-based.
  • The minimum pro roster the teams can have is 7 and the maximum is 10.
  • On August 26th 2019 all teams established teams (See the list below) have the ability to sign new players who were on the 2019 CWL roster.
  • On September 3rd 2019 all teams have the ability to sign new players who were on the 2019 CWL roster.
  • All signed pro player will be paid a minimum base salary of $50,000 USD per year, health care benefits, and retirement benefits.
  • Teams are required to distribute at least 50% of their prize pool earnings to players directly
  • Matches will be 5v5 multiteam play.
  • There is talk about mid-series substitutions.
  • Know teams and cities so far:
    • Atlanta – Atlanta Reign
    • Dallas – Dallas Fuel
    • New York – NY Excelsior
    • Paris – Paris Eternal (Rumored)
    • Toronto – Toronto Defiant
    • Los Angeles – LA Valiant
    • Los Angeles – LA Gladiators
    • Minnesota – (Not Known)
    • Florida – Florida Mayhem
  • CDL has stated that they will support the amateur players with competitions, both online and via open bracket tournaments around the world and will have dedicated prize pools for those events.

So that is what we know so far and will keep you updated as new information trickles in.

As always stay nerdy everyone!