September 27

Blurb – Otakon 2015


As some of you know I used to live in Baltimore and one of my favorite things about living downtown was the sites and sounds that you could encounter. One weekend stands out above the rest and that is Otakon was being held. What is Otakon you ask? Well….

Over 20,000+ and more con goers invade Baltimore for one of the most well-known and established anime conventions in the USA. Otakon is one of the largest and longest running anime convention in the US. Fans of anime from all over the world swarm into the city where most are cos-playing their favorite characters. Which range from icons from video games to manga and I have to tell you some of these attendees know how to cos-play!

Halo's Master Chief
Halo’s Master Chief
Borderland's Pycho
Borderland’s Psycho
Otakon Attendees
Otakon Attendees

You will also find well known performers attending the event such a USA sumo wrestler champs, voice performers of your favorite anime, and a bunch more! Otakon also sports a gigantic dealers room where some con goers honestly get lost in because there are so many vendors looking to sell their merchandise. Also they have a fantastic art show letting artist showcase their work and gives them the chance to auction off their work whether it be silent or live auction.

Three day: 80$ (Sorry no one day passes!)

So if you find yourself in Baltimore in July do your self a favor and hang out at the Inner Harbor you will not be disappointed. Oh and if you are feeling re adventurous why not attend the con itself!

Until next time Nerds!


September 26

Blurb – Stonhenge: What Lies Beneath?

For the last four years archaeologists from Birmingham and Bradford universities, and from the Ludwig Boltzman Institute in Vienna, have  been using powerful ground-penetrating radar around Stonehenge. What they have detected is a trove of previously unknown burial mounds, chapels, shrines, pits — and most remarkable of all — a massive megalithic monument made up of more than 50 giant stones buried along a 1,082-foot-long c-shaped enclosure.

Stonehenge: What's Underneath?
Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath?

If you are interested in knowing more about this magnificent discovery head over to to read more. You can find the two part series on YouTube Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Enjoy Nerds!

September 25

RPG – 5E: The Bone Devil!

Wow the art work alone on this guy just makes your blood curdle! This fiend is what nightmares are made of! Check out the page below to see what I mean! Oh and when you are done head over to your favorite local gaming store and pick it up (it is available at Wizards Play Network stores early prior to the September 30th release date)!

5E: Bone Devil
5E: Bone Devil

This book is a hardbound, 352 page behemoth and cost $49.99 (you can pre-order it for 29.97 on! It is a must have if you are planning to run a 5th edition campaign!

Later Nerds!

September 15

TV – AMC Orders A Pilot Episode Of ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series!

Who does not like walking dead! I can tell you this nerd does! I know last season people thought it was a little long in the tooth with everyone split up and trying to find the mythical land of Terminus. But the gang is all back toghether and it looks like the backdrop will change every day since they will be on the move to the even bigger mythical city of Washington DC.


Walking Dead Season 5
Walking Dead Season 5

Back the actual cool news though. AMC has ordered a spinoff pilot of the Walking Dead franchise and even though there is very little information out about what it entails we do know one thing. The new series will answer one big question… “What is happening outside of George?” That is right this will not take place in Georgia it will be else where. My bet is Europe somewhere. I guess we will find out once the new series is launched!

Oh and as a reminder…. like you need one! The Walking Dead returns on October 12th at 9pm on AMC!

Later Nerds!

September 12

Rant – iPhone Hysteria!

As most of you know Apple announced not one, not two, but three new iterations of their flagship product the iPhone Tuesday September 9th. These with be the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 ($199 – $399), and iPhone 6 Plus($299 – $499).

iPhone Comparrison


No do not get me wrong I love my nerdy devices just like the rest of you, but I just do not understand why everyone goes nuts every year over what appears to me to be the same product in a different shell. I know, I know there are differences and I am sure some of you iPhyles will know just what they are. But lets be honest are they important to to warrant your blind faith to wait in lines for hours for a piece of equipment? I mean the first 6 months they are working out all the bugs, leaving you for the next 6 months chomping at the bit for their next big release announcement. I just do not get it… I am afraid I never will…

What I thought was the highlight of Apples announcements was the Apple Watch ($349)! I mean look at how sweet looking they actually are! I just not sure it will be able to revive the need to wear a watch. I guess time will tell!

Apple Watch

I will an eye on the developments of this cool device. I mean lets be honest the Dick Tracy cosplayers will finally be able to complete there costumes with a watch that can actually do the job and even more!

Dick Tracy Watch
Dick Tracy Watch
Dick Tracy Cosplay
Dick Tracy Cosplay

Later Nerds!

September 9

Game: Destiny has landed!


I, like many of you stood in line last night to pick up my copy of Destiny. Even though I was tempted to start the game up once I got home I just turned on the old Xbox One and downloaded the patch and went to bed.

You can bet your sweet butt that I will be playing a Sorcerer tonight! If you want you can friend my on Xbox live. My gamer tag is vV Nerdy Vv so lets get our game on!

Until tonight Nerds!

September 4

Blurb – Orkney Island dig reveals early Man not so primitive!

Ness of Brodgar
Ness of Brodgar

Archaeologist have uncovered a 5,000-year-old temple complex in Orkney that suggests that prehistoric people were a great deal more sophisticated than previously thought.

The dig at Ness of Brodgar, which is at it’s infancy, has revealed facts that will have us re-evaluate our understanding of how early humans lived. The complex featured paved walkways, carved stonework, colored facades, even slate roofs at a time when buildings were usually covered with turf, hides, or thatch.

If you find this interesting head on over to the full story on the

Enjoy Nerds!

September 2

Blurb: Bungie teams with Google and launches interactive map of Destiny!

Destiny - Moon
Destiny – Moon

Do you want a little interactive map of the world of Destiny? Well your in luck Bungie teamed up with Google to create just that and launched it today. You can find it at! The tour includes screen shots, videos, & 360 degree views of in-game content on Venus, Mars, & the Moon! Google even added some pretty cool real life factoids of things you will encounter in the game. At the end if you look at everything on each planet you receive a code to enter on Destiny’s website and on September 9th you can redeem it for “Sign of the Finite Emblem. So what are you waiting for! Head on over to the map!

Later Nerds!