July 15

About Me…

South Park - Me
South Park – Me

Hello fellow nerds! Welcome to my blog “Talking Nerdy” and I hope that as the days move forward you find these pages entertaining, fun, and informative. My name is Richard Keen and I live in South Florida with my partner of 17 years. I work as a IT coordinator for a mechanical contractor but my real passion is having fun role-playing, computer/console gaming, and dressing up as a 16th Scottish sheep herder to name a few.

What you see before you is the beginning of my venture into the blogging world. Here I will share news, rants, and reviews on games, TV shows, movies, and anything else that tickles my nerd fancy! If you find something nerd worthy that you believe I should blog about please shoot me email. The nerdier the better!

So why start a blog about nerdy things you ask? I have always been drawn to all things nerdy… Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Computers…. You get the picture.

So upon trolling my Facebook news feed I stumbled across the “Talk Nerdy to Me!” video that one of my fine nerdy friends shared. I decided to take a chance, scared that I may be rickrolled in doing so. I was delighted to find myself watching a masterpiece so nerdalicious my inner brony almost escaped it’s prison.

I decided then and there to start a blog and share my love of everything nerdy. I began my search for a domain name and I was thwarted at every turn, akin to a Jedi Apprentice at the business end of Anikan Skywalker’s light saber. I continued my search and shouted my mantra “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” with every defeat as I searched high and low for the perfect (ok…. available) domain name.  Then it happened I found and registered talkingnerdy.org and I am 100% sure the elation I felt was the same Link was feeling as he held aloft the Triforce above his green hatted head!

Live Long and Prosper! Oh and I hope you come back soon!







Richard Keen, Jr.