September 27

Blurb – Otakon 2015


As some of you know I used to live in Baltimore and one of my favorite things about living downtown was the sites and sounds that you could encounter. One weekend stands out above the rest and that is Otakon was being held. What is Otakon you ask? Well….

Over 20,000+ and more con goers invade Baltimore for one of the most well-known and established anime conventions in the USA. Otakon is one of the largest and longest running anime convention in the US. Fans of anime from all over the world swarm into the city where most are cos-playing their favorite characters. Which range from icons from video games to manga and I have to tell you some of these attendees know how to cos-play!

Halo's Master Chief
Halo’s Master Chief
Borderland's Pycho
Borderland’s Psycho
Otakon Attendees
Otakon Attendees

You will also find well known performers attending the event such a USA sumo wrestler champs, voice performers of your favorite anime, and a bunch more! Otakon also sports a gigantic dealers room where some con goers honestly get lost in because there are so many vendors looking to sell their merchandise. Also they have a fantastic art show letting artist showcase their work and gives them the chance to auction off their work whether it be silent or live auction.

Three day: 80$ (Sorry no one day passes!)

So if you find yourself in Baltimore in July do your self a favor and hang out at the Inner Harbor you will not be disappointed. Oh and if you are feeling re adventurous why not attend the con itself!

Until next time Nerds!


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