July 15

I love when you talk nerdy to me!

What you see before you is the beginning of my venture into the blogging world. Here I will share news, rants, and reviews on games, TV shows, movies, and anything else that tickles my nerd fancy! If you find something nerd worthy that you believe I should blog about please shoot me email. The nerdier the better!

So why start a blog about nerdy things you ask? I have always been drawn to all things nerdy… Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Computers…. You get the picture.

So upon trolling my Facebook news feed I stumbled across the “Talk Nerdy to Me!” video that one of my fine nerdy friends shared. I decided to take a chance, scared that I may be rickrolled in doing so. I was delighted to find myself watching a masterpiece so nerdalicious my inner brony almost escaped it’s prison.

I decided then and there to start a blog and share my love of everything nerdy. I began my search for a domain name and I was thwarted at every turn, akin to a Jedi Apprentice at the business end of Anikan Skywalker’s light saber. I continued my search and shouted my mantra “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” with every defeat as I searched high and low for the perfect (ok…. available) domain name.  Then it happened I found and registered talkingnerdy.org and I am 100% sure the elation I felt was the same Link was feeling as he held aloft the Triforce above his green hatted head!

So… welcome to my little corner of nerdom and live long and prosper.

Richard Keen, Jr.

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