July 20

Is Jared Shark Bait?

I sat down for lunch at my local Subway today and what did I see on my table? It was a promo of the new SyFy movie “Sharknado 2”.

Sharknado 2
Sharknado 2

I enjoyed the first one more than I should have. So when I saw the placard I was wow they actually making a 2nd one! I then turned the placard around and who did I see? None other than Jared and he is holding a shark with his mouth wide open like he is going to take a bite out of it. But what caught my attention was what was above his head “Watch Jared “the Subway Guy” in Sharknado 2!” I can only take this as he is going to be in the movie portraying himself.


This begs the question… What species of shark is going to take Jared out? I guess we will have watch on July 30th and see!

Until next time nerds!
Richard Keen, Jr.

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