July 19

5E Players Handbook Preview

Wizard of the Coast has been releasing preview pages for the new 5th edition Players Guide. Below is what they have released at this point. So enjoy my D&D nerds!

5E Dwarf

I have to say that dwarves are one of my favorite races to play. The hammer wielding dwarf above is pretty awesome!


5e Teilfing
5e Teifling

This is not the Planescape Teifling that you remember…. This is one of the 4th edition hold outs.  I may have to create my own in homage to Planescape, that is if WotC does not.


5E Backgrounds
5E Backgrounds

Backgrounds are a nice way to give players a way to add flavor to their characters. I am curious how many veteran players will op to use this part of the Players Guide.

5E Hermit Background
5E Hermit Background
5E Soldier
5E Soldier

I like the artwork for the most part I will post a full review once I get my little hands on it.

Later Nerds!
Richard Keen, Jr.

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