August 16

Blurb – Gamescom 2014


If you have not heard there is a convention that is solely for console games and it is taking place this weekend in Cologne, Germany. Below is a quick run down of the highlights so far from both Sony and Microsoft.

Console Features:

PlayStation 4 gaming console announced new features including SharePlay, the ability to search for PlayStation Network users by their real name, and uploading saved videos directly to YouTube. Xbox One new features will include a new “Friends” section that allows gamers to stay up-to-date with their friends; a “Snap Center” that will allow gamers to switch back and forth between games, Messages, friends and achievements; an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner; Stream TV and Boot-to-TV (August patch).

Game Announcments:

Playstation 4 played up the soon to be released Destiny (not that it needed it) and Xbox One suggested  the sequel to Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive and will launch in late 2015.

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