August 16

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

I just got done watching Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer. The feel of the game resembles how the more recent installments of Halo games play. The Exoskeleton allows you to jump around like Master Sergeant and allows you to use a cloaking device. Now do not get me wrong the game looks like it would be a blast to play and the environment is stunning. One thing that  caught my eye was the underwater footage (not that there was a whole lot of it), I mean that was pretty cool. Not sure what you can do, if anything while under water but it at the very least it intrigued me.

CoD - Advanced Warfare
CoD – Advanced Warfare

I am pretty crappy at first person shooters (actually I am sure I am worse than I think), but I do enjoy playing them. I know I will never be a MLG contender and I am alright with that. But for those out there that like to compete on GameBattles I just wonder what their take is on what they have seen so far. Is it to futuristic or is it something they have been waiting for. I guess time will tell as we get closer to release.

One last thing… I did find the team exos mock-ups on to be pretty damn cool!

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