September 12

Rant – iPhone Hysteria!

As most of you know Apple announced not one, not two, but three new iterations of their flagship product the iPhone Tuesday September 9th. These with be the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 ($199 – $399), and iPhone 6 Plus($299 – $499).

iPhone Comparrison


No do not get me wrong I love my nerdy devices just like the rest of you, but I just do not understand why everyone goes nuts every year over what appears to me to be the same product in a different shell. I know, I know there are differences and I am sure some of you iPhyles will know just what they are. But lets be honest are they important to to warrant your blind faith to wait in lines for hours for a piece of equipment? I mean the first 6 months they are working out all the bugs, leaving you for the next 6 months chomping at the bit for their next big release announcement. I just do not get it… I am afraid I never will…

What I thought was the highlight of Apples announcements was the Apple Watch ($349)! I mean look at how sweet looking they actually are! I just not sure it will be able to revive the need to wear a watch. I guess time will tell!

Apple Watch

I will an eye on the developments of this cool device. I mean lets be honest the Dick Tracy cosplayers will finally be able to complete there costumes with a watch that can actually do the job and even more!

Dick Tracy Watch
Dick Tracy Watch
Dick Tracy Cosplay
Dick Tracy Cosplay

Later Nerds!

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