September 15

TV – AMC Orders A Pilot Episode Of ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series!

Who does not like walking dead! I can tell you this nerd does! I know last season people thought it was a little long in the tooth with everyone split up and trying to find the mythical land of Terminus. But the gang is all back toghether and it looks like the backdrop will change every day since they will be on the move to the even bigger mythical city of Washington DC.


Walking Dead Season 5
Walking Dead Season 5

Back the actual cool news though. AMC has ordered a spinoff pilot of the Walking Dead franchise and even though there is very little information out about what it entails we do know one thing. The new series will answer one big question… “What is happening outside of George?” That is right this will not take place in Georgia it will be else where. My bet is Europe somewhere. I guess we will find out once the new series is launched!

Oh and as a reminder…. like you need one! The Walking Dead returns on October 12th at 9pm on AMC!

Later Nerds!

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