August 17

RPG – Paizo: Pathfinder Gen Con Reveals.

The below information was taken from Known Direction Podcast and I thank them for posting it!

Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path

Releasing after the Giant Slayer adventure path, Hell’s Rebels will cast the players as rebels in Cheliax city of Kintargo, who will attempt to overthrow the rule of House Thrune.
Will also have issue 100 of the Adventure Path line. This issue will be an extra 32 pages long (120 Pages), will be written by James Jacobs, and will also contain a special article on the dead god Aroden written by Erik Mona as well as summary and supporting NPC for every AP released so far.
PCs will be building up a resistance group called the Silver Crows in the city over the course of the campaign, and might use the organization rules from Ultimate Campaign.
While the AP will have plenty of combat, social RP will be a large focus. Expect a political focus.
Probably not a good AP for Chelish loyalist.

Occult Adventures

The Pathfinder RPG rules hard cover to be released at Gen Con 2015.
Will focus on occult themes, spiritualism, and pulpy flavor.
One of the phrases used was “Less Professor X, More Penny Dreadful.”
Will be the book that introduces Psychic Magic into the Pathfinder RPG!
Psychic Magic will work very similarly to existing Arcane and Divine Magic, with spells per day progressions and will not be based on the Psionic Handbooks from 3e/3.5e Dungeons & Dragons.
Will introduce 6 new classes to the Pathfinder RPG.
The Kineticist will be a raw manipulator of psychic forces (Telekinetic, Pyrokinetic, etc) and will not be a caster / magic user.
Spiritualist is another. Has a spirit that they communicate with and can manifest through the world. Ectoplasmic is an ability.
The Mystic was mentioned by name, but no details were given.
There will be a public playtest of these six classes “soon.”
The book will also have a monster section to help support the play.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races Hard Cover

Because of the success of Inner Sea Gods, they decided that another Campaign Setting hard cover would be good.
The first 2/3 of the book will cover the various races and ethnicities in Golarion and how they fit in, not as general an over view as they got in the Advanced Race Guide.
The remaining third of the book will be lots of crunch for use with characters in Golarion.

When I can get my hands on a definitive list for Wizards of the Coast I will post it!

Enjoy Nerds!

August 17

Blurb – Gen Con Final Day!

The final day of Gen Con is a celebration of gaming families and from what I saw in the posted pictures there were quite a few. The activities looked like a blast!

Next year I hope to be there in person and blogging for where it is happening!

Later Nerds!

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August 16

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

I just got done watching Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer. The feel of the game resembles how the more recent installments of Halo games play. The Exoskeleton allows you to jump around like Master Sergeant and allows you to use a cloaking device. Now do not get me wrong the game looks like it would be a blast to play and the environment is stunning. One thing that  caught my eye was the underwater footage (not that there was a whole lot of it), I mean that was pretty cool. Not sure what you can do, if anything while under water but it at the very least it intrigued me.

CoD - Advanced Warfare
CoD – Advanced Warfare

I am pretty crappy at first person shooters (actually I am sure I am worse than I think), but I do enjoy playing them. I know I will never be a MLG contender and I am alright with that. But for those out there that like to compete on GameBattles I just wonder what their take is on what they have seen so far. Is it to futuristic or is it something they have been waiting for. I guess time will tell as we get closer to release.

One last thing… I did find the team exos mock-ups on to be pretty damn cool!

Until next time Nerds!

August 16

Blurb – Gamescom 2014


If you have not heard there is a convention that is solely for console games and it is taking place this weekend in Cologne, Germany. Below is a quick run down of the highlights so far from both Sony and Microsoft.

Console Features:

PlayStation 4 gaming console announced new features including SharePlay, the ability to search for PlayStation Network users by their real name, and uploading saved videos directly to YouTube. Xbox One new features will include a new “Friends” section that allows gamers to stay up-to-date with their friends; a “Snap Center” that will allow gamers to switch back and forth between games, Messages, friends and achievements; an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner; Stream TV and Boot-to-TV (August patch).

Game Announcments:

Playstation 4 played up the soon to be released Destiny (not that it needed it) and Xbox One suggested  the sequel to Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive and will launch in late 2015.

Play more games Nerds!

August 16

Blurb – Gen Con Second Day!

The second day of Gen Con brought about a great few pictures. Below are a few of my favorite which include two giant game boards, one which was build to Lego’s and had actual robots! I ended the gallery with Wil Wheaton just because I think he is awesome!

Days three pictures will be up tomorrow! I will be looking through all the post to find the good ones!

Enjoy Nerds!

August 15

Blurb – Gen Con Previews!

One thing you can be certain of is that a lot of companies like to hold off showing the public stuff so they can have a big reveal at Gen Con. So I have seen two so far one is for the Pathfinder and Obsidian pairing that you can see on a previous blog.

And this next one!


It is the love child of the Dungeon & Dragons and Trapdoor Technologies pairing called D&D DungeonScape (codename was Morninstar). This is the official character generator for 5th Edition D&D! The beta is being shown off at Gen Con and you can see the pictures of it on Dwarven Foundry’s twitter page!

Enjoy Nerds!

August 15

Blurb – Gen Con First Day!

A lot of awesome pictures were taken at Gen Con 2014 first day! I have compiled a few of what caught my eye!

Oh and if you forgot head over to and learn about Anti Gen Con. It is pretty awesome idea allowing those of us stuck at home to connect to other gamers on Gen Con weekend. You can also win great prizes in the GenCant2014 contest!

In the words of Wil Wheaton! “Play More Games!”